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  • 1-HIWI: Rice T-shirt
    1-HIWI: Rice T-shirt
    The HIWI: Rice T-shirt. A whole bunch of beloved aspects of campus life on the back with the now iconic HIWI logo on front.  It took 100 years to come up with these...wear it proudly!In Rice navy blue of course, easily...

  • 2-HIWI: Rice Ceramic Mug
    2-HIWI: Rice Ceramic Mug
    Just in case you wondered why you're at Rice in the first place, or how you ever graduated from Rice, our nifty 11 oz. cobalt blue mug is here to remind you!  A fun way to enjoy your tea or coffee while you ponder how...

  • 3-HIWI: Rice Stainless Steel Joggers Water Bottle
    3-HIWI: Rice Stainless Steel Joggers Water Bottle
    Run, walk or hobble along, but carry some water with you on the running path, 'cause it's Houston, people!  Like 20 ounces of it in our spiffy stainless steel jogger's water bottle, complete with handy carabiner clip...

  • 4-HIWI: Rice Beverage Coolie
    4-HIWI: Rice Beverage Coolie
    The self-proclaimed official beverage insulator of Rice University, ours showcases many of the attributes of life at Rice in a relatively low tech foam wrap dedicated to keeping your drink of choice nice and chilled. ...

  • HIWI Bumper Sticker
    HIWI Bumper Sticker
    What more is there to say? It's a bumper sticker. It sticks on your bumper.

  • HIWI cap
    HIWI cap
    Try on our new HIWI cap. Unstructured and low profile like our fair city, our classic BB cap is black brushed cotton with HIWI embroidered on the forehead and the HIWI logo embroidered on the back. It's got a leather back...

  • HIWI Compact Umbrella
    HIWI Compact Umbrella
    There's something about seeing a "Houston. It's Worth It." umbrella unfurl in a summer afternoon rain shower that just makes us smile. Our compact umbrella has alternating black and white panels. It's got the HIWI logo in...

  • HIWI Ice Scraper
    HIWI Ice Scraper
    Got some friends or family busy shoveling snow this winter? Folks shivering up in the northern tundra of our country? Boo hoo--why not send 'em a reminder of yet another reason we all live here--'cause we'll never need one...

  • HIWI Lapel Pin
    HIWI Lapel Pin
    Sharpen up your look with our cloisonne enamel clutch back lapel pin that states the obvious against our cool skyline.

  • HIWI Postcards (10)Write
    HIWI Postcards (10)Write
    Write to those folks who keep wondering why the hell you live in Houston on these super-deluxe post cards cum beverage coasters. You get one each of our HIWI The Flying Cockroachs, The Mosquitoes, The Flooding, The Traffic,...

  • HIWI:Rice  The Centennial Book
    HIWI:Rice The Centennial Book
    Houston. It's Worth It because of iconic institutions like Rice University.  Celebrate Rice's 100th Anniversary with our newest HIWI book...Now at special 25% off holiday pricing too! (Reg. price: $29.99)HIWI: Rice,...

  • The Afflictions Mug
    The Afflictions Mug
    Sit in your office and ponder Houston's 20 afflictions on your new HIWI coffee mug and remember why you think Houston Is Worth It. BECAUSE YOU'RE SITTING IN AN OFFICE WHICH...

  • The Afflictions Tee
    The Afflictions Tee
    20 of our city's most beloved afflictions listed vertically on the back answered succinctly and forcefully with the "Houston. It's Worth It." logo on the front. ...

  • The Book
    The Book
    THE definitive coffee table book by Houstonians for Houstonians. It's why we all live and stay here!

  • The HIWI IKE Book
    The HIWI IKE Book
    The poignant and personal one year anniversary memoir of 2008's Hurricane Ike, chronicling the resilience and spirit of the people of Houston and Galveston.The long awaited offspring to our amazing HIWI book, IKE chronicles...

  • The Traffic Mug
    The Traffic Mug
    Next time you're parked in Houston traffic, stare at the HIWI traffic logo emblazoned on your new commuter mug. It's a good bet that you'll probably have enough time to safely look at the HIWI logo on other side as well...

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